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Canard Actuation Systems (CAS)

MTC develops and manufactures Canard Actuation Steering Units, the purpose of which is to guide rockets / other airborne platforms accurately to target. The CAS unit has 4 independent wings - each deployed and steered by a DC brushless motor of MTC make. An opto-encoder constantly measures wing-position. A Roll Gyro, also of MTC make, can be integrated into the unit, to control roll movement of rocket / other platform. The MTC Canard Actuation Steering Unit is highly resistant under harshest environmental conditions, and complies with MIL-STD 810.

All products listed below are an example of products available at MTC. If the products listed do not meet your requirements, please Contact Us or use Get-A-Quote page with your specifications and quantities required and we will respond with a proposal.

4 wings, each deployed & steered by DC motor; includes roll gyro

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