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Thermal Spary Coating Solutions

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Mr. Abel Muller
Division Manager


Jet Engine Components, Combustion Chamber Liner, Compressor House Contour Restoration, Rotor Hub Sub-Assembly, Hydraulic Piston Rods, Damper Systems and Landing Gear Forks


Fuel Refineries 

Pump Sleeves, Piston Rods, Impellers, Mixing Blades, Housings and Casings


Power Stations 

Fan Blades and Turbine Blades 

Printing / Paper Industry 
Printing Cylinders and Paper Processing Rolls 

Chemical / Petrochemical Industry
Gas Compressor Seals and Pressure Rods 

Shaft of carbon steel motor turbo-charger 

Food & Beverage Industries
Pistons, Rod Pistons, Housing, Bearing Housing, Feeding Pipes, Valves and a variety of surface sealing(to different temperatures and other conditions) 

Textile Industry
Steel / Aluminum Thread guides and Tension Discs 

Cylinder Heads in Diesel Engine, Sub-Sea Ball Valve, Piston Rings and Ship Fittings – Against Sea Corrosion 

Plastic / Metal Forming Industry 
Ceramic Coating of Casting Troughs 

Automotive / Vehicle Industry 
Distributor Rotors (to suppress noise + reduce electromagnetic interference) and Compressor Housings 

Ready-mix (concrete) Industry 
Bearings of Screw Conveyors. 


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