MTC develops and manufactures a wide range of wire-wound angular position measurement devices – built to spec - and for integration into other MTC products, such as gyroscopes, servo actuators and medical/dental devices.


MTC measurement devices are resistant to the harsh environmental conditions to which defense aviation/navy products are exposed. This significant durability is obtained through the use of outstanding raw materials and cutting-edge production technologies.


MTC is an expert in the design of angular position measurement devices with the ideal minimum possible size and maximum possible performance and lifetime ratio.

MTC products have proven their quality and reliability - having been integrated into advanced aerospace/defense products and platforms in Israel and worldwide for many years.

All products listed below are examples of products available at MTC. If the products listed do not meet your requirements, please Contact US or use Get-A-Quote page with your required specifications and quantities and we will quote you accordingly.


Multispeed pancake x 16, accuracy: ± 20 arcsec

Small size, angular range: 360°, accuracy: ≤ 45 arcmin


Pancake Resolver, Angular range: ±90°, accuracy: ≤ 3 arcmin


Pancake Resolver, Angular range: 360°, accuracy: ≤ 3 arcmin


Pancake Resolver, Angular range: 360°, accuracy: ≤ 6 arcmin


Pancake Resolver, Angular range: 360°, accuracy: ≤ 8 arc.min


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