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Why MTC ?


  • USA & Israel Facilities.
  • Fast time to market – from specs to prototype between 4-6 months (subject to project complexity).
  • Price competitive – operating both in the USA and Israel provides us with the environment flexibility to be fully competitive on price targeted projects.
  • Zero percent failures over 40 years of operation – In a close market such as ours, we never take chances on customers' account, always making sure MTC is 100% ready for the task in all built-to-spec & built-to-print projects.
  • Field-Tested and Mission-Proven – it's not just a slogan - MTC products are all incorporated in top of the line platforms worldwide, products have been tested and working under harsh environmental conditions constantly.
  • We are the leading industry in Israel for the development and manufacture of electro-mechanical components.
  • MTC products are incorporated in all major Israeli UAVs and Missile programs
  • We have performed aging tests on our products after 20 years to find them incomparable working order to that of a new product.
  • We offer complete solutions (design, development, manufacture and everything 'in-between') - under one roof with short lead-times.
  • Ship-to-Stock supplier to major customers.
  • AS9100C & ISO9001:2008 certified.
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