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Peak torque: 25 Nm, useful angular stroke: ±45° - analog / digital

Peak torque: 26 Nm, mechanical stroke: ±50° - digital

Peak torque: 6 Nm, Useful Angular Stroke: ±45°, Weight: 0.4 kg - Digital

Peak torque: 26 Nm, mechanical stroke: ±50° - analog

Peak torque: 100 Nm, mechanical stroke: ±30°

Peak torque: 10 Nm, mechanical stroke: ±50°

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MSA-3004 (Preliminary Design)

Small Size Servo Actuator for UAV

The MSA-3004 small size servo actuator is a high quality product, optimized for UAV requirements such as temperature range -54 C +71 C, EMI RFI shielding and high reliability. The MSA-3004 is a 28 V DC based actuator with brushless DC motor, high efficiency gearbox and electronic control system. It has a digital I/O commmunication version where the commands, position feedback and status are transmitted in digital CAN protocol. It has an input-output 9 pin connector interface (see table below) with analog voltage I/O pins proportional to axial angle. The MSA-3004 conforms to MIL-STD 461, MIL-STD 704 and MIL-STD 454.

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Pin Assignment

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