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Electrically actuated one-axis free gyroscope

Single-axis free gyroscope actuated ans sustained by an electric motor. Operates for at least 10 minutes. This gyro is intended for use in the high accuracy medium and long range missile and torpedo applications range, where 30 second activation time along with long mission operation at constant RPM is required.

The motor is of the DC Brushless type with a high resolution brushless pickoff to measure angular changes on its outer gimbal. A remote electrical pulse is used to actuate a pressure squib for uncaging the gimbals. It has the independent capability of providing a DC electric output proportional to angular position in one axis.

Suitable, in particular, for air-to-surface, surface-to-surface and naval to surface missiles, as well as air-to-surface armed UAV/Drones, air-launched glide decoys, and for many other applications.

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