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Peak torque: 25 Nm, useful angular stroke: ±45° - analog / digital

Peak torque: 26 Nm, mechanical stroke: ±50° - digital

Peak torque: 6 Nm, Useful Angular Stroke: ±45°, Weight: 0.4 kg - Digital

Peak torque: 26 Nm, mechanical stroke: ±50° - analog

Peak torque: 100 Nm, mechanical stroke: ±30°

Peak torque: 10 Nm, mechanical stroke: ±50°

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Small Size Redundant Rotary Servo Actuator

Miniature Redundant Electro Mechanical Rotary Servo Actuator

MERSA is a 28 VDC, integrated redundant electro mechanical rotary servo actuator, driving a single shaft through a single high efficiency gearbox. The gear box is activated by means of a redundant DC brushless electrical motor. Position of the output shaft is identified by 3-ganged potentiometers and used as position feedback information to the electrical control system. Each DC brushless motor and its electrical controller function as a "half actuator" independently.

MERSA is intended for use in applications where controlled and monitored rotary movement is required. Its main application is for aircraft flight control systems.

MERSA was developed according to our customers' requirements and market demand for small UAV. MERSA weights 300 grams yet has a great high torque to weight ratio, which is usually associated with larger actuators.

MERSA offers highest reliability to any UAV platform by providing redundancy, enabling continuous work, as one of the channels can replace the other if required.

  • Temperature range from -40°C to +71°C

  • EMI RFI shielding and high reliability

  • Communication protocol- RS485

  • Digital controllers (PID)

  • Software burn through connector


Customizable parameters:

Communication type, angular position sensor, mechanical connection interface, output shaft, etc.

Manufactured by "MTC Industries and Research" which is ISO 9001:2008 / AS9100C certified and approved supplier to major defense and aircraft industries worldwide.

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